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Syndicate Leads is The ONLY Lead Generation Company for Accredited Investor Leads, Sales Leads, and a variety of Business and Consumer Leads. We have been delivering Quality Leads for nearly 20 years!
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These Terms and Conditions May Change reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Governing Terms

All products and services offered for sale by ("") are sold subject to the terms and conditions stated herein. These terms and conditions shall apply to the sale of the products and/or services described in the Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, or other contract documentation to which these terms and conditions are attached or incorporated by reference. Except as expressly agreed by an authorized representative of in writing, no other terms and conditions, including any terms and conditions attached to, or contained within, Buyer's request for quotation, acknowledgment, purchase order or other contract documentation shall apply. Buyer's acceptance of the products or services delivered by shall constitute an affirmation by Buyer that the terms and conditions set forth herein govern the purchase and sale of the goods or services. THE TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT SHALL SUPERSEDE ANY ADDITIONAL, DIFFERENT OR CONFLICTING TERMS PROPOSED BY BUYER OR CONTAINED ON BUYER'S PURCHASE ORDER OR ANY DOCUMENT OR INSTRUMENT SUBMITTED BY BUYER.

The Terms and Conditions of Sale can be described as and includes:

  1. Customer agrees not to initiate any chargebacks or reversals of their credit or debit card payment once a transaction has been processed.
  2. Customer agrees to call through the entire list prior to submitting any request for replacement or refund.
  3. Customer agrees to document next to each lead the reason for return.
  4. Customer agrees to email all returns to for review within 30 days of receiving the order.
  5. Customer agrees that any return or refund requests received beyond 30 days from receipt of the order will not be honored by
  6. Customer agrees to the only acceptable reasons for returns are disconnected numbers and/or erroneous contact names. If Customer requires accredited investors and it is discovered during conversation that the prospect is not, then that is a viable reason for return.
  7. Customer agrees that a lead that is “not interested” in the opportunity being presented is not grounds for a return.
  8. Customer agrees that is to be given one opportunity to rectify any issues detailed in items 1-7 prior to requesting a refund. Once again, the entire order or each lead must be called and all returns processed and replaced prior to any discussion of a refund.
  9. Customer agrees to be compliant with all local, county, state, and federal laws.
  10. Customer agrees to indemnify should any harm or loss occur as a direct or indirect result of any unscrupulous activity related to the usage of the proprietary information obtained. Customer releases and its affiliate companies of any wrongdoing or liability.
  11. Customer agrees not to use or refer to or any of its affiliate companies or publications when calling or corresponding with prospects. Customer agrees to keep their relationship and transactions with in strict confidence. This includes not sharing where Customer purchases their marketing information or any processes that may be considered trade secrets.
  12. Customer acknowledges and agrees that copyright and intellectual property rights apply for all information received. Customer agrees not to re-sell, trade, barter, or giveaway any information rented or purchased from Failure to comply will result in additional fees and legal action.
I have read this Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.

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