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Syndicate Leads is The ONLY Lead Generation Company for Accredited Investor Leads, Sales Leads, and a variety of Business and Consumer Leads. We have been delivering Quality Leads for nearly 20 years!
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Syndicate Leads has never lost an Oil & Gas Client to date. We guarantee your satisfaction! Our Oil & Gas leads are some of the most comprehensive in the country and have been surveyed specifically for the Oil and Gas market. In many instances, the prospects have previously invested in Oil & Gas.

Syndicate Leads through our sophisticated survey centers has been able to identify the High RISK investor that is willing to take a chance on speculative investments, such as Oil & Gas.

Our Leads are great for any Oil and Gas projects when an Accredited Investor list is a must. This list will also do well for Private Placements and other investment offers. Another list that is successful for Oil and Gas is our Private Placement leads. Much like the Oil and Gas prospects, these leads are qualified for a minimum of $25,000. These Private Placement leads are 90% Accredited Investors. Call us for Prices !


Syndicate Leads maintains the utmost privacy with your information and will not sell, reveal, or disclose your information to any person, firm or third party.

Speak to a Syndicate Leads Consultant at 561.619.6732 or click HERE for a free quote! does not condone predatory practices and will not conduct business with parties that do not adhere to all local, city, county, state, and federal laws. We do not sell lists with information for senior citizens. Should you place an order with us and receive information for a prospect over the age of 72, please do not make an offer to sell. Instead please contact us so that we can replace that lead with one from a more appropriate demographic.

We suggest that you ask every prospect, regardless of age, if they are of sound mind without presence of any disease or disabilities that may affect their ability to make sound decisions. We also recommend asking if their advisor, spouse, or children are aware of them being an active investor.