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Syndicate Leads is The ONLY Lead Generation Company for Accredited Investor Leads, Sales Leads, and a variety of Business and Consumer Leads. We have been delivering Quality Leads for nearly 20 years!
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Syndicate Leads is a lead generation & investor lead list brokerage firm that represents over a decade years in the lead generation business. We take pride in being unique, doing things different, and delivering what our competitors can’t and won’t... Syndicate Leads delivers what they say they will deliver!

Syndicate Leads recognized the voids in the lead business:

  • Misrepresented Lists
  • Lack of Customer Service
  • No Guarantees

We fill the void and stand in the gap for our clients.

Our investor leads and investor leads lists are never represented. You will not receive a list filled with a false stories, disconnected numbers, and dead people.

Have you ever bought a list, had a problem, and could never reach anyone to fix the problem? When our clients have a problem or a question we pick up the phone!

Over a century ago Sears & Roebuck revolutionized their business through their catalog sales. It wasn’t easy in the beginning because people in America were hesitant to do business with a person they had never shaken hands with, or to buy a product they had never touched. There was a lack of trust. Two words changed everything. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Those words became their hand shake. Sears & Roebuck said that

If you receive a product shipped to you and it is broken, faulty, or the performance doesn’t meet the customer’s expectation, then the customer can have the product replaced at no extra cost.

Sears & Roebuck went one step further to gain the trust of an entire nation by offering a Money Back Guarantee. If the customer isn’t satisfied then the customer can have their money back!

Have you ever had a lead company tell you that if you are not satisfied then you can have your money back? No, you haven’t! You have been told that the leads will be replaced, but there isn't another lead company out there willing to offers a Money Back Guarantee.

Syndicate Leads is the ONLY lead company that will send you your money back if you are not satisfied! That’s Different! That’s Unique! That’s our sample, and that’s our hand shake!

5 Reasons Why Syndicate Leads Will Never Be Matched

  1. We are tailored to fit your exact criteria.
  2. When a prospect is qualified for your opportunity they are not educated about any other product or opportunity.
  3. The prospect has been qualified for income, net worth, liquidity, interest, and the individual knows you are calling.
  4. The lead is provided in real time. Your firm will receive the lead within seconds of being qualified.
  5. Your exclusive leads will never be sold again!

5 Reasons To Exercise Caution When Considering The Competition

  1. Our competitors survey a lead by asking qualifying questions about several different products.
  2. If the prospect expresses interest in 3 or 4 different products or investments our competitors will sell that lead 3 or 4 times to each product or investment category.
  3. Our competitors represent the lead as being fresh. However, many times they fail to reveal that the prospect expressed an interest in several opportunities and was sold to all of those companies as well.
  4. If that’s not bad enough... Our competitors will repeat that sales process at a discounted rate several times over.
  5. If you have a problem they will just replace those leads with more of the same.

Speak to a Syndicate Leads Consultant at 561.619.6732 or click HERE for a free quote!