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Syndicate Leads is The ONLY Lead Generation Company for Accredited Investor Leads, Sales Leads, and a variety of Business and Consumer Leads. We have been delivering Quality Leads for nearly 20 years!
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Syndicate Leads is a major Lead Generation and Investor Leads List firm built on value, service, and quality, and specializing in Business leads, Accredited Investor Leads (Investor Lead Lists), Business Lead Lists Consumer Lead lists, Internet Lead Lists, Business Opportunity Lead Lists, No Call Deleted Lists, and other types of industry specific lead lists.

For years, Syndicate Leads has been the industry benchmark for private Equity Investor Leads such as: Accredited Oil & Gas Leads, Accredited Mining Investor Leads, Precious Metals Investor Leads, Hard Asset Investor Leads (Diamonds), Accredited Real Estate Investor Leads, and Accredited Social Media Investor Leads.

Our lists are precisely targeted and have significant value added to them compared to raw data queries. Our leads are generated through our Call Center, Online Organic and Paid Internet Searches, Newsletter and White Paper Publishing, Social Media Applications, Print Advertisements, Radio Advertisements, and Television Advertisements. We are pleased to offer several of the above applications to develop your own firm’s in-house lead generation.

Our state of the art call Center is staffed with Professional Qualifying Agents (with a minimum 3 years’ experience), who add a layer of consistency and quality control by providing precise qualifying and verification for every lead prior to delivery. Our Accredited Investor Survey leads offer a range of parameters that are better described as Targeted Intelligence Profiles, with surveys zeroing in on ONE Specific Investment Opportunity at a time. Our competition offers an survey model that asks multiple investment questions serving several unrelated sectors. This strategy is self-serving, and does not put the client’s needs first.

We adhere to compliance with the Do Not Call List. For more information on how we, and our clients, manage our practices to maintain list compliance, please refer to the link on the right hand side of the page to read about FTC standards.

Finally, you have discovered Syndicate Leads - a lead provider that tells the truth about the "lead game", willing to back our claim with an unconditional guarantee!

We will replace any erroneous information, any disconnected numbers, and any files that do not perform to our customer's specification. No questions asked!

The unique quality and integrity of the data we provide has been the basis for the significant success of our clients' marketing campaigns, and we're willing to back it with a guarantee which is unique throughout the industry!

Do not rely on the opinion of a Lead Broker for compliance! Please take the time to read exactly what The FTC says regarding The Seller and Service Provider relationship.

We have a seasoned staff of investor lead generating professionals to assist you, and match a Lead Program that makes sense for your business. We manage the latest Sales Leads Technology matched by our unique merge/purge system to insure that our clients only receive newly qualified data without duplication and other errors.

We will not jeopardize your firm by purchasing Leads or Lists through Lead Brokers that do not have the integrity to source leads through honest channels. If you are in possession of leads produced by a company in your industry without written permission from an officer of the company then chances are that you are in possession of stolen property. We will not purchase any lead or list removed by a disgruntled employee. Efforts to prosecute individuals that engage or assist in these practices are accelerating. Pleading ignorance is not a defense that saves you or your firm from prosecution. Don’t take chances with your livelihood or your freedom!

Syndicate Leads offers you unquestioned consistency, quality, and integrity.